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SNK - The Get Back Freestyle (PM Vegas)

No Hero / Nightwalker by SNK

Released some time back on 10th of November 2012 still worth listening to.

Productions by Freedo, Benno Calmbach, Notas & Loopkingz INSTRMNTLS.

Sunday February 9, 2014

So it is like just about Midnight, I’m drowsy from some flu medication and I have been working on a number of things for this EP. Between writing and concept work I have been listening to Black Mozart by R Les but the story about my new found appreciation is for another entry.

Well somehow my chain of thoughts went off at a tangent like when you start reading up on random material on Wikipedia and instead of getting up to speed with the industrial revolution you suddenly know what the White Ranger (Jason David Frank) from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has been up to in the last 15 years and have turned an expert in application of advanced origami (wait, what?)


Anyway I was thinking about the education system I was enrolled in, especially after my old school made negative headlines recently, and everything I perceive as annoying, useless or just generally wrong. 

Well just apart from the lack of the things school did teach us about real life like filling out tax forms, how to get a job, managing your money or well what I personally believe is very important is how to be yourself.

Well some people will argue some of this should be up to the parents, but I guess I would only agree to a certain degree with the point made. A child will/is spending the majority of the time in school, would it not make sense to teach you these things then? Everyone else needs to know them anyway. Of course I am not asking for a 5 year old kid to learn how to fill out tax return forms or how to write a cover letter to get a job. Anyway back to what I wanted to talk about. Being yourself.

Growing up as a kid for one reason or another you will have a dream, and you will be always be told to cherish them. With 5 or 6 years of age this might be various things, boys or girls might want to grow up to become spider-man, a princess, a vet, astronaut, firefighter or he-man/he-woman (because some girls prefer Battle-Cat over a pony!) whatevs.


Now especially when growing older, schools and your environment will (likely) start shitting on your dream they told you to cherish not too long ago telling you that whatever you want to be is unrealistic/impossible because:

  • Superpowers don’t exist
  • Your country does not have a space program / you would not be good enough or it is extremely difficult to get into the space program
  • You just don’t have the athletic abilities required to be a professional athlete
  • Chosen field is very difficult to have a successful career in
  • You are supposed to take over the family business
  • You won’t make money doing xyz
  • Superpowers don’t exists
  • etc.

First of all, I want to send out a big fat “fuck you very much" to anyone who ever said you are not good enough or too stupid for something. No one should ever be told that they are not good enough or too stupid for something…

Where was I ? Ah right yes.

Yes, not everyone can or will be what they want to be. But generally what we want to be or our interests will or could push us in the direction of a career or job where we could be happy. And personally being happy with yourself and your career is worth more than whatever job some institution or family member might be trying to get you into. Doesn’t matter what they tell you

i.e. Why ask you to tell them what you plan to become for them just to come back and tell you something along the lines of

"Oh why don’t you become an Accountant? Do you know how many comic book writers exist in the world? I don’t believe this is a viable career for you"


It is like some of these people trying so damn hard to marginalize what is special. Yes it is absolutely true, not everyone gets their dream job. Steve might not become the next Stan Lee, James might not become the next Michael Jordan. But someone will and therefore no institution, family member or friend should be preventing somebody going after their career choice because the chance always exists that you could be the one.

I like to say as long as a real interest exists, keep going, may it be a scientific, creative or whatever career you strive for.

Schools/Institutions should teach you how to be yourself, harness your interests and how to lead a successful life using your skills and interests not generalize and try put you in some box because of their perceived strengths and some grades.

Now this might be a bit of an abrupt ending but I feel the neocitran kicking in. I am imagining creatures I read about on r/nosleep in the corners of my eyes and I am losing track of time.

Rant over.

Keep chasing,


cold pizza is still dope pizza 
thanks to laburatory

cold pizza is still dope pizza

thanks to laburatory

Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Presents: The Indie Top 50 Vol. 305 
Friday January 3, 2014

So while on my blogroll someone told me to submit some of my material to Coast 2 Coast.

Well I did and somehow I ended up on their Indie Top 50 Vol. 305 Mixtape.
Not sure if they just consider those on the tape the best 50 submissions received that week but yeah whatever.

Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Presents: The Indie Top 50 Vol. 305



28.12.2013 Kulturzentrum Holästei, Glarus Switzerland
Sunday December 29, 2013

Yo, I am writing this from my bed having spend the majority of the day in it. The cold I felt coming on is now in full effect, so I am slurping some soup and hoping the fever ain’t getting worse.
Anyway, yesterday was pretty good. We had the great opportunity to warm up the crowd for the locals Trolek, Trick77 and Luut & Tüütli.
Crowd might have been bit a bit spoilt since they have some pretty damn good local acts but it was a good night. We build a nice set along with some swiss german songs from my man Fakyr and we had the crowd bouncing and throwing up their hands.

Thanks to all who attended

Anyway I am back to getting some sleep and throwing up my guts.

One love,


Event Image Gallery on Facebook

Pictures courtesy of grml.ch

excerpts from yesterdays live set:

Fakyr - Mittelfinger

Fakyr - Zero Fucks Given

SNK - Maverick

SNK - Never Give In

I promised…recorded this in Hannover last week.


Vocals / Lyrics: SNK
Mix: Notas



Lyrics can be found here:

Download No Hero / Nightwalker:

Spent some quality time in Germany while working on music. Here are some impressions.

Download 7.zip on Mediafire:http://www.mediafire.com/download/823bw2v22144v6z/7.zip
Full Tracklist:Scapegoat (Diamonds Remix)Flexx (prod. by Cynic)Heartbeat RemixBurn it Down (LP Remix)Gallows (prod. by Notas)e* (Windmühlen Remix)
You can prelisten to all the songs on my tumblr.

Download 7.zip on Mediafire:


Full Tracklist:

Scapegoat (Diamonds Remix)
Flexx (prod. by Cynic)
Heartbeat Remix
Burn it Down (LP Remix)
Gallows (prod. by Notas)
e* (Windmühlen Remix)

You can prelisten to all the songs on my tumblr.